Literary Summer at Wrocław Literature House

Summer is a time to escape the established rhythm of everyday life and take a break from routine. But the calendar of literary events at Wrocław Literature House encourages to establish a different, very refreshing rhythm – set by literature.

Authors’ Reading Month, organized in our city for the eighth time, on every evening of July invites to listen to conversations with writers and hear fragments of their works. The guests will come from five countries: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Turkey, which is the guest of honour of the Festival this year. The event is organized by the City Municipal Library, and Wrocław Literature House is one of the partners – all the Thursday meetings will take place in our Club Proza. Some of the invited writers are well-known to Polish readers, like Zyta Rudzka, Ziemowit Szczerek and Katarzyna Boni, and some haven’t been published here yet. As one of the Turkish authors, Ayfer Tunç, says, literature "seems to be the most precious and direct, and the least deceptive way to get to know people who speak other languages and grow close to them”. 31 literary voices coming from one country is a good way to get to know it. And maybe even to start a positive change in a situation when politicians force censorhip and silence on writers? Another invited author, Murat Uyurkulak, writes about the Turkish regime: "As with all tyrants, they are afraid of words. They think if they silence authors and force their mouths shut, they will rule forever. But as all the regimes of the past, they are wrong. By doing so, they prepare their own destruction”. In Wrocław, all those voices will be heard very distinctly.

Not only during the Reading Month. Another key event in the summer calendar, Brave Festival, included in this year’s edition a series of literary meetings called Brave Contexts. Between 14 and 21 July, at Club Proza, people of culture and writers (including Artur Domosławski and Jakub Małecki) will speak about difficulties faced by communities from various parts of the world, and actor Ewa Skibińska will read fragments of books. 

And yet another voice, very important and recently focusing the attention of the entire literary world. On 29 July, Olga Tokarczuk, this year’s winner of Man Booker International Prize, will meet with her readers at the courtyard of the City Arsenal (music scene of the New Horizons International  Film Festival). During the "Booker in Wrocław” event, organized by Wrocław Literature House, she will talk with translators of her books into English about, among others, how the voice of a writer, intimate and individual, can get an opportunity to change the world. To set a different, better rhythm.  

/photo of Olga Tokarczuk by Jane Airey/

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